Copy Paper Flexo Printing Machine Roll to Roll

Copy Paper Flexo Printing Machine Roll to Roll

CH884 sequence Roll kraft paper flexo printing equipment

unwind diameter/ rewind diameter: 1200-1500mm 
automobile loader & vehicle unloader function 
motor crane 
substantial velocity: twenty-130m/min for printing
keep track of program
ceramic anilox roller,chamber physician blade

Equipment Function:

1. Take it easy, accurate color, long life.
two. Use motors, variable frequency speed control, saving electricity, small running fluctuations.
three. Off printing roll automatic stop the ink-running motor, and up-printing roll automatic start running the ink.
4. Use special belt drive, accurate printing size.
five. Two sets of heating devices, including central heating and constant temperature control system for group control.
6. Low-roller special steel processing, and special process, and plating thickness of 0.1mm protective layer of hard chromium.
7 Alloy roll with hard oxidation, treating by dynamic balance, static balanced.
8 With cold wind bellows, and can effectively prevent produce with ink adhesion after printing
nine. Print produce are clear and good arrangement quality.
10. CZPT: NSK, Japan Brand, Germany ASNU aluminum alloy roll

Machine component pictures: 



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Model CH884-1000
Machine Colors four Colors
Max. printing material width one hundred and five 0mm
Max. printing width 96 0mm
Printing material paper: 30~300g/m2, can wind one ton of massive roll paper
Printing length(repeat) seven.5″~40″(190mm~1000mm) /7.five”~fifty”(190mm~1270mm)
Max. Mechanical speed 150m/min
Max. Printing speed thirty-twelve 0m/min
Register precision Longitude:±0.2 mm   Transverse:±0.2 mm
Press power Mechanic control
CZPT motor power 3.7kw, ZheJiang
Machine power 45 kw
Outline size 5.four m×2.four m× 2.6 m
Energy: 440V/380V/220V, fifty/60Hz
Rewind/Unwind DIA Φ 1400mm
Unwind way Automobile loader for unwind, 
By air shaft , with 5kg magnetic  1  pcs
EPC system:  Edge Position Controller for unwind 1 P cs
Tension system  A utomatic tension control for unwind  one PCS 
Unwinding loading way By air shaft ,  one  pcs  
Unwind web cylinder Φ76mm (inner diameter)
Printing plate lifting system Automatic CZPT cylinder control printing roll up and down 
Anilox roll  amd Inking way High speed machine: ceramic anilox roller ( 1 00- 10 00lpi), C hamber  doctor blade for thirty-150m/min
Inking motor deceleration motor, 60w
Drying model CZPT heating 
Drying power twenty  kw
Air blower (huge) .95kw /  4  pcs
Air blower (little) 75w /  15  pcs
Rewind way Floor  rewind , 
By air shaft ,  1  pcs
Tension system Tension float roller for rewind  1 PCS 
R ewinding unloading way By air shaft ,  1  pcs
Rewind web cylinder Φ76mm (inner diameter)
Rewind material unload way By Automatic

Copy Paper Flexo Printing Machine Roll to Roll