Heavy Pillow Blocks Machinery Bearings Pillow Block Bearings Insert Bearings Bearings Bearing

Heavy Pillow Blocks Machinery Bearings Pillow Block Bearings Insert Bearings Bearings Bearing

Business Profile:

ZheJiang CZPT CZPT Manufacture Co.,Ltd ( was initially established in 1988 as HangCZPT Honghai CZPT Manufacture Co.,Ltd) is one particular of the Chinese bearing makers and exporters . It is the organization of effectively-know trademark of ZheJiang and substantial quality products of ZheJiang is found in the Hometown of CZPT in the LinXi county, ZheJiang Province, North of China,. We commit ourselves to research & growth, manufacturing, marketing and application of Pillow block bearing and all other sorts of bearings .

There are far more than five hundred employees ,Which includes fifty Technicians And Engineers in our team. And the spot of land is 100000sqm(Plant is 65000+sqm), We have Pillow Block CZPTs computerized manufacturing line, computerized inspection line and CZPT Housing generation line. We obedience to the operation philosophy of”differentiation sorts in product, technological modernization, manufactural professionalization, top quality leading grade, expense less costly”, We have an once-a-year manufacturing and sales of more than 19 million pieces of Pillow Block CZPTs , Deep Groove Ball CZPTs, Taper Roller CZPTs and all other varieties of bearings , our items are commonly used in numerous kinds of transmission gear, mining machinery, engineering equipment, textile equipment, agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, design machinery as so on .

Our company has passed CZPT:2015 top quality administration system certification. All of our generation line adopt sophisticated specialized products, And more than 90% of merchandise had been produced by automatic products . Also we adopts the worldwide requirements for specialized high quality requirements, superior production procedures and present day engineering and management philosophy to provide consumers with large good quality products. Our a few registered model FE,FKD,HHB had been nicely acknowledged in the in excess of sea market . Over 90% of the merchandise are exported to far more than 68 nations and regions in the entire world. As a single of the Chinese bearing exported enterprises, We have created the prolonged-expression strategic partnership with plenty of clients all around the world, developing the strong advertising community and provider platform in the domestic and more than sea market.


ZheJiang  CZPT CZPT Manufacture Co.,ltd in China, Our company is specialized in produce:
 Pillow Block bearing UCP, UCPA, UCPH, UCPW, UCF, UCFA, UCFB, UCFC, UCFL, UCHA, UCHE, UCT, SALF, SBLF, SBFW, SBFD series, Metric and Inch CZPTUCPX, UCFX, UCFLX, UCFCX, UCTX, bore size 25mm to 85mm Metric and inch size CZPT.UC, UB, UD, UK, UEL, SA, SB, SER, UCX 200 and 300 series, Metric and inch bore size CZPT.
Material: Housing CZPT in Cast iron, Stainless Steel Color CZPT Green, Blue and As customers request. Insert bearing CZPT in Chrome steel.

Taper roller bearing, Deep groove ball bearings. .
Agricultural bearings,(W208PPB8,W210PPB6).. 
A. CZPT bag + single white box
B. Single color box + carton + pallet.
Model: CZPT or OEM brand/

Application Fields:
Used in: Motorcycle, Motor, Pump, Fan, Air conditioner, Microwave Oven, CZPT Machine, Massage Chairs, CZPT CZPT, Fitness equipment, Washing Machine, Office equipment.

Item record

Product Item Merchandise Product Product Item Item
UC201 UCP201 UCF201 UCFL201 UCT201 UCFC201 UCPA201
UC201-8 UCP201-8 UCF201-8 UCFL201-eight UCT201-eight UCFC201-eight UCPA201-8
UC202 UCP202 UCF202 UCFL202 UCT202 UCFC202 UCPA202
UC202-10 UCP202-ten UCF202-ten UCFL202-ten UCT202-10 UCFC202-10 UCPA202-10
UC203 UCP203 UCF203 UCFL203 UCT203 UCFC203 UCPA203
UC204 UCP204 UCF204 UCFL204 UCT204 UCFC204 UCPA204
UC204-twelve UCP204-twelve UCF204-twelve UCFL204-12 UCT204-twelve UCFC204-12 UCPA204-12
UC205 UCP205 UCF205 UCFL205 UCT205 UCFC205 UCPA205
UC205-14 UCP205-14 UCF205-fourteen UCFL205-fourteen UCT205-14 UCFC205-14 UCPA205-fourteen
UC205-fifteen UCP205-fifteen UCF205-15 UCFL205-15 UCT205-15 UCFC205-fifteen UCPA205-fifteen
UC205-sixteen UCP205-sixteen UCF205-16 UCFL205-sixteen UCT205-16 UCFC205-sixteen UCPA205-16
UC206 UCP206 UCF206 UCFL206 UCT206 UCFC206 UCPA206
UC206-eighteen UCP206-eighteen UCF206-18 UCFL206-18 UCT206-18 UCFC206-18 UCPA206-eighteen
UC206-19 UCP206-19 UCF206-19 UCFL206-19 UCT206-19 UCFC206-19 UCPA206-19
UC206-20 UCP206-twenty UCF206-twenty UCFL206-twenty UCT206-20 UCFC206-twenty UCPA206-twenty
UC207 UCP207 UCF207 UCFL207 UCT207 UCFC207 UCPA207
UC207-twenty UCP207-twenty UCF207-twenty UCFL207-twenty UCT207-twenty UCFC207-twenty UCPA207-twenty
UC207-21 UCP207-21 UCF207-21 UCFL207-21 UCT207-21 UCFC207-21 UCPA207-21
UC207-22 UCP207-22 UCF207-22 UCFL207-22 UCT207-22 UCFC207-22 UCPA207-22
UC207-23 UCP207-23 UCF207-23 UCFL207-23 UCT207-23 UCFC207-23 UCPA207-23
UC208 UCP208 UCF208 UCFL208 UCT208 UCFC208 UCPA208
UC208-24 UCP208-24 UCF208-24 UCFL208-24 UCT208-24 UCFC208-24 UCPA208-24
UC209 UCP209 UCF209 UCFL209 UCT209 UCFC209 UCPA209
UC209-26 UCP209-26 UCF209-26 UCFL209-26 UCT209-26 UCFC209-26 UCPA209-26
UC209-27 UCP209-27 UCF209-27 UCFL209-27 UCT209-27 UCFC209-27 UCPA209-27
UC209-28 UCP209-28 UCF209-28 UCFL209-28 UCT209-28 UCFC209-28 UCPA209-28
UC210 UCP210 UCF210 UCFL210 UCT210 UCFC210 UCPA210
UC210-30 UCP210-thirty UCF210-thirty UCFL210-30 UCT210-thirty UCFC210-30 UCPA210-thirty
UC210-31 UCP210-31 UCF210-31 UCFL210-31 UCT210-31 UCFC210-31 UCPA210-31
UC210-32 UCP210-32 UCF210-32 UCFL210-32 UCT210-32 UCFC210-32 UCPA210-32
UC211 UCP211 UCF211 UCFL211 UCT211 UCFC211 UCPA211
UC211-32 UCP211-32 UCF211-32 UCFL211-32 UCT211-32 UCFC211-32 UCPA211-32
UC211-34 UCP211-34 UCF211-34 UCFL211-34 UCT211-34 UCFC211-34 UCPA211-34
UC211-35 UCP211-35 UCF211-35 UCFL211-35 UCT211-35 UCFC211-35 UCPA211-35
UC212 UCP212 UCF212 UCFL212 UCT212 UCFC212 UCPA212
UC212-36 UCP212-36 UCF212-36 UCFL212-36 UCT212-36 UCFC212-36 UCPA212-36
UC212-38 UCP212-38 UCF212-38 UCFL212-38 UCT212-38 UCFC212-38 UCPA212-38
UC212-39 UCP212-39 UCF212-39 UCFL212-39 UCT212-39 UCFC212-39 UCPA212-39
UC213 UCP213 UCF213 UCFL213 UCT213 UCFC213  
UC213-forty UCP213-40 UCF213-forty UCFL213-40 UCT213-40 UCFC213-forty  
UC214 UCP214 UCF214 UCFL214 UCT214 UCFC214  
UC214-44 UCP214-forty four UCF214-44 UCFL214-forty four UCT214-forty four UCFC214-44  
UC215 UCP215 UCF215 UCFL215 UCT215 UCFC215  
UC215-forty seven UCP215-forty seven UCF215-47 UCFL215-forty seven UCT215-47 UCFC215-forty seven  
UC215-48 UCP215-48 UCF215-48 UCFL215-forty eight UCT215-48 UCFC215-forty eight  
UC216 UCP216 UCF216 UCFL216 UCT216 UCFC216  
UC217 UCP217 UCF217 UCFL217 UCT217 UCFC217  
UC218 UCP218 UCF218 UCFL218 UCT218 UCFC218  
UC218-56 UCP218-fifty six UCF218-fifty six UCFL218-56 UCT218-fifty six UCFC218-56  
UC305 UCP305 SA201 SB201 UK205    
UC306 UCP306 SA202 SB202 UK206    
UC307 UCP307 SA203 SB203 UK207    
UC308 UCP308 SA204 SB204 UK208    
UC309 UCP309 SA205 SB205 UK209    
UC310 UCP310 SA206 SB206 UK210    
UC311 UCP311 SA207 SB207 UK211    
UC312 UCP312 SA208 SB208 UK212    
UC313 UCP313 SA209 SB209 UK213    
UC314 UCP314 SA210 SB210 UK215    
UC315 UCP315     UK216    
UC316 UCP316     UK217    
UC317       UK218    

Heavy Pillow Blocks Machinery Bearings Pillow Block Bearings Insert Bearings Bearings Bearing