MPPT Controled Surface Solar Pumpwith DC Brushless Motor Favourable Price

MPPT Controled Surface Solar Pumpwith DC Brushless Motor Favourable Price

Top quality DC Floor Solar Pump with Higher Elevate and Sufficient Stream, Floor Pump, Pool Pump
( dc surface solar pump )

Surface area Solar PUMP :

Solar panels  is to  convert daylight into electrical vitality which will be passed to the photo voltaic pump controller,the vitality will be employed to power the pump. 
Photo voltaic Controller /Inverte is utilized to stabilize the energy voltage and output the electricity to push the electric motor of the pump. If backup batteries (optional) are CZPT, then the pump controller can charge them.
Battery is for Storaging the additional  energy that can be used at later time when the daylight could not be sufficient to travel the pump.
Water Degree detector / Sensors is employed to linked to the controller and can be used to shield the pump from working dry as effectively as to automatically change the pump off when a drinking water tank is entire.

1.  Max CZPT : fifteen  — 30 m
2.  Max Flow : 17  — thirty m3/hr
3.  Power : .five hp — one.5  hp
four.  Voltage : 48 V -120V 
5.  Motor : DC motor & AC motor
six. Controller : mppt type for Automatic restating

1. Swimming Pool Circulation
one. Irrigation of agriculture
2. Consuming water and residing h2o
3. Backyard garden irrigation
four. Fountains

1. The performance is improved twenty five% by the long term magnetism,immediate present, brushless, non-sensor motor.
2. Undertake double plastic package for rotor and stator,motor insulation ≥300MΩ,the motor security was a lot improved.
three. High technique merchandise adopting MPPT and DSP chip method.
4. a hundred% copper wire, chilly-rolled silicon steel sheet.
5. Stainless steel 304 & 316 shaft , motor body, screw.

Model Impeller Voltage (V) Energy
Max. Stream L/Min Max CZPT      M Max. Suct       (M) Inlet/Outlet 
Outer Diameter
SQB2.two/35-D24/250 Brass 22-30 80-450 35 32 8 one”x1″ 265*135*230
SQB3./50-D48/450 Brass forty two-sixty three 210-seven-hundred fifty 50 eight 1″x1″ 320*a hundred and eighty*290
SQB3./sixty-D72/750 Brass forty two-88 270-a thousand 50 sixty 8 1″x1″ 320*180*290
SCPM3.six/22-D36/360 Brass 32-43 180-550 60 22 eight one”x1″ 295*190*315
SCPM6.six/30-D72/750 Brass forty two-88 270-a thousand a hundred and ten thirty eight one”x1″ 320*210*340
SJET3.six/32-D48/five hundred Brass 42-63 210-seven hundred 60 32 9 one”x1″ 390*210*300
SJET3.6/forty two-D72/750 Brass forty two-88 270-one thousand 60 42 9 1″x1″ 440*200*300
SPDP4.8/25-D72/750 Brass forty two-88 270-a thousand eighty 25 18 one.two”x1″x1″ 410*275*225
SCPS7.5/26-D72/750 Brass 42-88 270-1000 125 26 8 one.25″x1″ 320*210*370 Brass forty two-63 210-seven hundred forty five forty nine one”x1″ 395*205*205
SSGJ3./forty five-D72/750 Brass 42-88 270-one thousand fifty forty five 9 one”x1″ 395*205*305
SXSP3.6/76-D72/750 Screw forty two-88 270-1000 60 seventy six 9 1″x1″ 450*140*200
SPGP7.two//9-D48/five hundred S/S 42-sixty three 210-seven hundred one hundred twenty 9   1.5″ 205*one hundred eighty*350
SPSGP10/eleven-D72/750 S/S 42-88 270-one thousand a hundred sixty five eleven   one.5″ 215*one hundred eighty*420
SQX5/32-D72/seven-hundred Aluminum seventy two seven-hundred five 32   1” 440*238*210
SQX50/thirteen-D72/1100 Aluminum 72 1100 50 13   3” five hundred*250*280
SQX18/34-D220/2100 Aluminum 220 2100 18 34   2” 540*250*280


MPPT Controled Surface Solar Pumpwith DC Brushless Motor Favourable Price