Low Speed DC Motor 12V / 21 RPM

This Large Low Speed DC Motor is geared down to reduce speed to 21 RPM (revolutions per minute). Apply 12V across the terminals to power it.



Apply 12V DC across the 2 metal connectors at the back of this DC motor to have it spin. This is a special Low Speed DC Motor that will spin at a speed of 21 RPM max. Can be used with a DC Motor speed controller to make it even slower. It works by having a tiny metal gearbox built-in for durability and speed reduction.


  • Operating Voltage: 6V – 12 V
  • Free-run speed at 12 V: 21 RPM
  • Free-run current at 12 V: 80 mA
  • Stall current at 12 V: 0.85 A
  • Stall torque at 12 V: 32 kg.cm 444.39 ozin
  • Gear ratio: 1:378
  • Shaft Type: D Shaft
  • Reductor size(L): 27 mm
  • Weight: 70 g